Why Vegan Diets Fail


You decided to try out a vegan diet and see what all the hype is about, and for the first couple weeks it went fantastic. You were trying new foods, breaking bad habits and feeling more energetic. The you started feeling lethargic, grumpy, and having food cravings. You may have broken down and eaten a cheeseburger in a moment of weakness, and found that you actually felt better once the stomach ache wore off. Does this sound at all familiar?


No, you weren’t protein deficient, you were calorie deficient!  Switching from animal-based and processed foods to whole plant foods means getting a whole lot more nutrition in, but without nearly so many calories. And since most of us are used to eating a certain volume of food each day, you kept eating about the same volume of food without realizing you’d drastically cut your calories. After working with hundreds of clients and answering thousands of questions, we’ve realized this happens all the time and is a major hurdle people face with their transitions!

Believe me, as a bodybuilder I know what caloric restriction feels like. You’re tired, cranky, and just want to Sit Down every chance you get. That’s not how a healthy, well-nourished lifestyle feels. If you’re suffering from some of these symptoms, try upping the portions and going heavier on calorie dense options like beans, whole grains, potatoes and nuts and seeds. You can even try one of our legendary Bean Shakes! I’m betting within a matter of days you’ll be feeling much much better, and without the help of an artery-clogging cheat meal!


If you or someone you know has had an experience like this, or has some advice to share, please let everyone know they’re not alone in the comments!