Muscle Tea


Muscle Tea – our daily recovery beverage!

Green Tea Hibiscus blend from Traditional Medicinals ✅✅
– Ginger ✅
– Cayenne ✅
– Juice from 1/4 lemon ✅
– 1 serving Clean Machine Fruit Punch Clean BCAAs

We’ve posted about this tea blend before because it’s awesome. Green Tea and Hibiscus tea are the two highest antioxidant beverages out there. Hibiscus also can normalize blood pressure as effectively as prescription medication 😱. Green Tea has 1579 health benefits including stimulating your metabolism and preventing cognitive decline, so we’ve been drinking this tea blend daily for years.
After reading #HowNotToDie we’ve kicked it up a few notches to incorporate more of Nutrition Facts‘s #dailydozen by adding the lemon, ginger and Cayenne. Lemon makes the polyphenols in green tea more available and adds loads of vitamin C. Ginger​ is great for digestion and relieves numerous painful conditions like migraines, and Cayenne has lots of antioxidants and stimulates your metabolism.

Clean BCAAs add muscle building/sparing amino acids as well as take the combo from tasty to super delicious 👌. As always if you’re interested you can get 25% off all Clean Machine products with my code ➡ DTTCM 👍

(As a note of disclosure – using the discount code for Clean Machine products or the Amazon link for Green Tea Hibiscus above will earn us a small commission. Gotta make a living right?! Thanks for your support!)

Combined and served iced this tea is packed with muscle recovery and health promoting nutrition, and knocks out several check boxes for the #dailydozen . We tend to make a large pot out of 3-4 tea bags, then pour it over ice with all the above added ingredients. It’s also great when you’re dieting and need something virtually calorie free to hold you over until your next meal 🙌. Remember that every time you eat there’s an opportunity cost for for all the healthier things you could be eating instead. With that in mind, maximize your #wholeplantfoods and make every #macro work for you!