3 Meal Services That Make Plant-Based Cooking, Shopping, and Eating Easier Than Ever

Grocery cart filled with nutritious fruits and vegetables.

First, I’m not compensated or commissioned in any way for sharing these plant-based menus options with you (I wish). These are just great, convenient ways to overcome hang-ups about transitioning to plant-based cooking or even just to get started eating a plant-based diet right away, before investing the time to change your shopping and food prep habits. It’s easier than ever to eat plant-based and, since our goal is to get as many people successfully and sustainably plant-based as possible, I want to share them with you.

  1. Veestro – Eat Plant-Based Without Learning to CookThis is a vegan meal delivery service: you choose meals and they’re shipped right to your door, already fully prepared. We had the opportunity to try this service out when it first got off the ground, and found that the food is definitely a cut above your typical frozen fare. Of course, it’s totally vegan although not S.O.S. (salt, sugar, oil-free). They have weight loss and high protein options as well as juice cleanses.
  2. Green Chef or Purple CarrotThese services offer vegan meal kits with prepped ingredients and recipes. We recently tried out Green Chef and really enjoyed how it provided a mini-education in plant-based cooking techniques that I’d never considered (finely chopped broccoli as a tabbouleh salad base and the kids actually ate it ?!). I also have no time to search for new plant-based recipes, so it was a way to try new things without effort. Also, the whole family down to our two-year-old became engaged with cooking because getting a box full of new foods was so exciting. Ultimately, we gave it a break both because of the cost and because it got me inspired enough to produce my own recipes again. We’ve got a bunch of Green Chef coupons to give out for a week of meals for $9 (just something they include in their kits, not due to any company affiliation) – so message us or comment if interested! We have not tried Purple Carrot, but like that it provides only plant-based options and that it has an athlete-specific plan.
  3. Forks Over Knives Meal Planner
    I haven’t tried this, but it is by far the cheapest and most comprehensive option with a little more time invested. Includes 5 plant-based menus per week, a shopping list, and even a weekend prep ahead guide each week to keep kitchen time during the week to 30 minutes or less.

If you’re making the transition to plant-based eating or even if you’re an old hand like me who just needs an inspiration boost or an excuse to try new vegetables, give one of these options a try! Better yet, recommend them to anyone you know who’s curious about a plant-based diet but doesn’t have the time to get started.


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